Why is there No more air No more titter echoes Only teardrops in the hollows Sink into the bottomless pit Of solitary The only thing that's lit Is this faint gleam Of the beating heart Slowly dimming Waiting for lights out
Once was amused By the joke titled life That went beyond
How ignorant one can be Believing that it was easy To be happy To be joyous
In this world of mercenary How ungracious To have a chance to breathe Yet still spilling cavil between the teeth 
Let it be Let it glitter Just for a little while While waiting for it to stop lit I'll carry this pannier
I'll jest to the ones who hear About this daughter Who believe in the hereafter Became a slaughter Of her own rapture Waiting for the end of her The one who's tenderness is her greatest power This is the death of her laughter

3:39 a.m by wolf


No poems. Just dropping one of my playlist :)



Waited for the time to come Waited for the precious moment to arrive To be with you To greet you and be greeted to To share laughs once more To share sweet dreams between me and you For I have gone a little while I eager for your smile Yet,  I saw something I'm not suppose to..
You throw me too
I know it's too good to be true That you needed me like I need you I'm the one to blame for the things you do I'm the one to blame that we always argue..
Eyes leaked Nose runny Wet cheeks Swollen face Heart ache Head ache Tired frown Tired face That's what happen When the dam broke Trying to regain Peace of mind But only attain Throbbing migraine  Can you feel it?  Tight chest It's hard to breath  Panting Trying to suck air But all it did is suffocating  Straining to weep But only wailing Expressing pain is pain itself Pain I can't stomach Harsh cries Be it in silent
The quite scream
So loud
It's cracking
Into pieces That's what happen When a heart…


Can I tell you a secret? Do you know why I'm in pain? Sit down and let me explain When you have something that you can't contain You let your tears pour down like rain Forsaking it all and let it drain Your serenity will then regain
I for one am not a vane
I am not just penny plain
I can't follow the chain All those things that I can't attain All the agony I manage to retain I  can barely sustain
I am complex I can't complain Shattered to pieces my smile remain My tears won't drop even when I strain Tried to scream but all in vain Tried to let go again and again But all I got is migraine I think I'm slowly going insane

/tɛː/ ; won't pour screeches ; /ɪnˈɔːdɪb(ə)l/

2:59 a.m by : wolf


The room is a little too small The wall is a little too thin Curled like a big round ball Too cold to be touched by skin A muffle is enough to make wonder Questioning ones own worth Spilling arraignment without ponder Doubting ones self birth Listen Can you hear it? Can you hear the shriek? Can you feel the wail? Can you get a peek? Can you see the ail? Can't you catch the hint? Can't you grasp the game? Can't you hand a stint? Can't you take the blame? Drowning in tears Shifting insane In a room of fears Whimpering in pain

1:11 a.m thoughts
Typed by : wolf


The most painful feeling Is when you want to cry so bad So bad But you can't You can't You want to scream so much So much Your heart aches from holding the pain Aches You built up those feelings inside and tried to buried it Deep inside Over and over and over again And then you put up a show Day after day Again and again.
Buat apa pun salah.
Typed by : wolf


I'm floating I don't know what am I being I'm just floating  Float Float like a boat On the cold chilled ocean I started to bloat  Swallowing my emotion  On nothingness Oh the emptiness That was my own creation My willingness of sacrification   Yet I'm basking in the seclusion Yet I'm dreading isolation Yet I'm savouring the placid Yet I have drowned Into my own solitude Now I'm floating Trying to find reasons.
"Take a break and start again" - ray
Typed by : wolf